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Dynamics 365 Human Resources

D365 for Human Resources is a scalable product designed to grow with your business. At Talent we help organisations unpick the most suitable elements of the product and refine how they can be applied to help their employees to get the information that they need and streamline HR processes which allows the HR team to focus time on building relationships and promoting the organisational culture and values.

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Optimise HR Programmes

Simplify benefits, compensation, leave and absence, certifications, training, and compliance programmes.

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Workforce Insights

Improve workforce planning with rich dashboards from Microsoft Power BI, helping you bring together, analyse, and visualise all your human resources data—from any device.

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D365 Human Resources promotes self-service across a multitude of HR programmes, empowering employees and reducing administration.

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Remain Agile & Automated

From payroll through to talent management automate processes such as organisational structure. Cross-populate systems connected to appraisals, holiday and payroll.

Why Talent

Data Security and Compliance

When implementing new technology responsible for the management of your internal teams, data protection and regulatory compliance should be at the forefront of your project planning. Speak to Talent about experience of implementing digital transformation within HR.

Microsoft Certified Professionals

All of our Consultants are Microsoft Certified professionals and are all required to upskill on a regular basis ensuring that they are qualified to advise clients and work using the latest technologies and compliance guidelines.

Greater ROI through our Talent network

Our recruitment arm provides us with access to a global network of Microsoft experts who can be deployed to support a project at speed and at a fraction of the costs charged by partner networks, yielding better quality and increased value for our clients.

Knowledge Transfer

At Talent, knowledge transfer is embedded right from the start of our project ensuring long-term success and effective self-management of the technology for clients. That’s why 9,000+ clients trust Talent worldwide.


MS Talent International Microsoft

​I have been working with Talent for over two years and have really been impressed with their subject matter expertise. They are extremely reliable and provide a great level of service.

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