17 February 2023 Matt Harland

Here we give you a sneak preview of the valuable information attendees can expect to take away from the event:

emfluence– Marketing Automation Platform

See how the emfluence Marketing Platform can make marketing automation with your Microsoft Dynamics easy, efficient, and as flexible as you need it to be.

  • emfluence's integration with Dynamics is easy to set up, customize and manage.

  • There's no one-to-one licensing for Dynamics and emfluence.

  • Digital marketing agency support, including email and marketing automation strategy assessments, is available.

VisualSP- Digital Adoption Platform

VisualSP, a 100% Microsoft Azure-based platform, overlays seamlessly on top of your live Dynamics 365 CE or Power Apps applications. Deliver your policies, guidelines, announcements, governance, and 'how-to' training through interactive step-by-step in-app contextual experiences. Increase usage and adoption of Dynamics 365 CE and Power Apps by 3X while reducing support tickets by up to 50%.

  • Un-frustrate your Dynamics 365 CE users, resulting in increased usage of the platform by 3X and up to 50% fewer support tickets

  • Provide guidelines, policies, and training in-app within Dynamics 365 CE so users don't have to go looking for it.

  • See your ROI on the VisualSP dashboard In the form of actual person-hours saved and the amount of money savings in productivity.

Inogic- Business Process Checklist (New Product)

Business Process Checklist (BPC), a newly launched product from Inogic, is a business process tool for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM users that simplifies the creation and enforcement of business-specific playbooks, guidelines, and policies at every stage of the process. The checklists serve as requisites for every stage and help in implementing business-specific rules in the process. Users can create these checklists against any OOB or custom record in CRM.

  • Inogic will help you to automate and scale your repeatable business processes.

  • Create people-independent systems using our Business Process Checklist.

  • Achieve guided selling and process compliance with our Business Process Checklist