03 December 2019

Traditional ways of working are changing. Technology is advancing at lightning speed, customers are getting more demanding, and competition between organisations is hotting up. Business leaders know they need to do what they can to boost productivity and operate more efficiently – the question is how.

Many companies are already investing heavily in digital transformation. According to figures from IDC, digital transformation spend within business will grow to more than 53% of all ICT investment by 2023. That’s up from 36% today.

While most businesses recognise the benefits of digital transformation, not all know how to go about achieving it. Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers companies the tools they need to make their digital transformation journey a success. There’s Dynamics 365 for:

·        Customer service: to build customer relationships

·        Retail: end-to-end solutions to create cross-channel unity

·        Talent: to streamline and automate HR processes

These tools provide business leaders with better insights, enabling them to make smarter decisions. They are able to anticipate customer needs, identify new opportunities, and launch new products in a timely manner. Dynamics 365 also helps achieve more collaboration, stronger customer relationships and greater agility.

Benefits of Dynamics 365 in digital transformation

Companies using ERP, CRM and other productivity tech can benefit from Dynamics 365 in a number of ways. Take a look at the stats from research cited in VENTS magazine to see just how much.

1. Enhanced customer engagement

Thanks to Dynamics 365, companies boosted the customer engagement by 62%. This is compared to a 29% rise in customer engagement within companies not using any technology.

2. Greater operational efficiency

Around 58% of companies using Dynamics 365 tools enhanced their operational efficiency. That figure was just 30% among companies not using those tools.

3. Better brand recognition

Companies were able to boost their brand recognition by 51% when using Dynamics 365. That rate dropped to 32% for companies lacking the right tools.

4. Increased productivity

49% of companies using Dynamics 365 experienced a boost in employee productivity. Those not applying Dynamics 365 saw an increase of just 32%.

5. Improved customer acquisition

Around 45% of businesses using Dynamics 365 tools experienced enhanced customer acquisition rates, while others experienced just 24%.

Industry is continually evolving, meaning businesses must do too. Those using the right tools can achieve the success they want, faster. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 empowers businesses to make smart decisions and move forward in ways that would not have been possible a decade ago. Combining productivity with business processes, users can move away from the constraints of traditional systems and make the most of advanced analytics and IoT offerings.

Businesses are also able to create and extend their process or data set on the go, and access dashboards and reports via any device or browser.

Every business will apply Dynamics 365 in its own way, but all will have the same goals in mind: enhancing productivity, customer satisfaction, customer acquisition, and ROI.

If your business needs a helping hand with digital transformation, get in touch with Hunter Charles. We have the talent you need to succeed.