18 September 2019

CRM migration can be a challenge. And so can finding the right project manager for the project.

CRM is a tech-driven tool so will often get passed to the CTO or COO. CRM is also about customer relationships, so the head of marketing or sales might find themselves in charge. Or, the project might end up on the desk of a mid-level IT manager because it’s been decided that they have the best technical skills and the time to learn the software.

These are all common scenarios driven by one deciding factor – convenience.

But finding someone to manage a CRM project should be about choosing the person best suited to the role. An article on Business2Community suggest some of the attributes that person should have.

1. A good planner

Effective CRM implementation needs a clear strategy. A project manager (PM) who has a general idea about the direction of the project isn’t good enough. The PM needs the ability to plan, put data into actionable items, and make related deadlines.

2. Someone who has the time

Managing a CRM project takes time. Managing it well takes even more time. Giving the job of PM to an already busy employee will not make for a well-run project because they simply don’t have the time to dedicate to it. Shift some of that person’s current responsibilities to allow them to get the job done properly.

3. Passion

Giving the role to someone who sees CRM as ‘just another task’ is never a good idea. A successful PM needs to understand how each of the system’s processes work, how they fit together and why a new framework is needed to adapt these uses. Generally, the person heading up the implementation of a CRM system has limited knowledge of how the system actually works. Someone who is excited to learn and passionate about the project is going to be your best bet.

4. Understanding of the tech

Even the most user-friendly CRM system is complex. A PM might not need to understand the programming languages, but they should have a firm grasp on the basic technology of the system. By working closely with the implementation firm during user testing and receiving additional training, a PM can gain a good understanding of the system allowing them to troubleshoot smaller issues and liaise between staff and the provider.

5. A good communicator

A PM needs to help team members through the implementation process and beyond. This means being able to translate tricky technical jargon and concepts into plain English.

The biggest challenge of any CRM implementation project is getting the team to use it. Get the right person at the helm and that won’t be so much of an issue.


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