08 May 2019

Considering that business efficiency is directly proportional to ERP efficiency, is your organisation doing enough to maximise its full ERP potential?

Data from Panorama Consulting Solution’s 2018 ERP Report revealed that 64% of companies implement ERP to improve business performance. An ecommerce presence usually goes hand-in-hand with an ERP – the question is whether ecommerce teams use an ERP to the best of its advantage.

Over the last ten years, Dynamics AX has become one of the most popular ERPs on the market and is used to build global competencies and reach. As a result, Microsoft has placed extra emphasis on AX and its successor Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations to set it apart from competitors such as SAP and Oracle.

Companies are taking a more integrated approach to how they use Dynamics AX. Many are combining AX with the Magento ecommerce platform to improve business performance and efficiency. An article on MS Dynamics World suggests five key benefits of such an integration.

1. Managing customer information: Customer information can exist in various states within a range of systems in a business. Syncing between AX and Magento helps reduce the complexity of customer information management.

2. Order management: Effective ecommerce relies on effective order management. Ensuring the smooth running of order processing is vital for ecommerce businesses. AX-Magento integration means less risk of delayed orders and better handling of order volumes and fluctuations.

3. Product information management: Product information needs to be regularly updated to avoid inaccuracies. In ecommerce this process can be complex. Integration means consistent product information is possible, and brand trust and loyalty is increased. Information is updated on one system and the changes synchronised to other systems.

4. Credit limits: Credit limits allow B2B clients to buy in bulk to a set limit. Credit limits can be set in AX and assigned to customers through an ecommerce platform.

5. Tier prices: Tier pricing encourages a higher volume of purchases, but Magento and AX handle it in different ways. A rule can be set through AX, then data is converted from both systems via the integration platform.


Handling an ERP is not easy, but by improving the efficiency of your Dynamics AX ERP system you can boost your ecommerce undertaking.

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