16 August 2017

In recent times, the move to the cloud has accelerated rapidly, with around 58% of surveyed organisations reporting the use of public or private cloud for applications or workloads; a number which has risen from the 24% of organisations using the cloud this time last year.

Some vendors suggest that moving to the cloud is as easy as flipping a switch. That’s simply not true. It is critically important to understand and evaluate cloud services that will meet your unique business needs in order to eliminate the following 3 most common mistakes that could cost your business time, security and money.

1) Opting for a standard cloud package

INSTEAD: Take the effort to identify the best cloud option for you by undergoing a professional assessment

The first step is to understand that you DO have choices when it comes to switching to the cloud – from SaaS, private and hybrid cloud, to managed services for your cloud environments. This will enable you to understand your options when it comes to Microsoft Dynamics in the cloud and ultimately the impact each of them will have on your business.

2) Coming to a quick decision based on special promotions

INSTEAD: Choose your workload migration strategically

The cloud is not the turnkey solution that some providers suggest. You need an expert who takes the time to understand your unique business requirements to design the best environment for you – both for today and for the future. The cloud can play a vital role in your strategic plans when you work with a trusted partner to help you navigate the journey.

3) Moving all systems to the cloud ASAP

INSTEAD: Design your own cloud journey

The cloud is not a silver bullet. Each workload should be evaluated – taking into account compliance, security and access – to determine the appropriate cloud for the workloads. Here, careful analysis, consideration and planning should go into how applications, data and assets will be managed going forward.

You have choices when considering moving to Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the cloud, and here at Hunter Charles, our consultants are on hand to offer expert advice and assist you with your recruitment needs. Get in touch to find out more.